transgender OCD: part 2

This is such a valuable comparison and absolutely rings very true for me. Transition was a gradual process of escalating “tests” to either “check” or “prove” to myself that I was really male all along, with each stage accompanied by hours and hours of obsessive, circular rumination.


This post will only be a list of things I experienced as someone with obsessional thoughts about gender and gender identity. I will discuss some of them in depth in later posts. This list is not a complete list of what I experienced, nor is it a complete list of things a person could possibly experience when having these sorts of obsessions. It is not intended as indicative of a diagnosis of OCD or any other mental health condition.

Transgender individuals struggling with obsessive thinking may want to reverse some of the statements in the list.

Both trans and non-trans individuals without obsessive thinking may experience some of these thoughts or behaviors; the presence of some of these things does not inevitably mean one has OCD or a problem with anxious or obsessive thinking.

And again, having obsessive thoughts or any other sort of uncertainty about one’s gender does not…

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